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Pastoral Letter 1-2015

Author : Dave Pedersen
Topic : Hi Friends





Pastoral Letter 3

Author : Dave Pedersen
Topic : 3 Month Sabbatical




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Sponsorship Letter

Hi there Church,

It is with great excitement in my spirit that I write this letter to you to ask you for your financial support as I embark on what I believe to be a journey toward the purpose of God for my life and our church.


The Background

A few months ago God placed a serious burden on my heart for the youth and young adults in our congregation. I didn’t have a clear vision as to what God wanted me to do at that stage, but I knew that I had to trust God for change.

In my heart I ran through a gambit of different ideas and strategies, but never settled on any model that created excitement and spiritual fervour in my heart. That is until the team from Bethel came to visit. This team created so much passion in me because I saw reflected in the makeup of their team exactly what I believed God for. Young people filled with passion for God, moving in the power of the Holy Spirit, stepping out beyond their capacities to make a difference.  I saw healthy cross-generational ministry with young and old ministering together in power. No gimmicks, no bright lights, no hype, just a plain and unadulterated love for Christ, being made manifest in Kingdom expressions of power, right in our midst. Then we went to Easter Camp and once again what God had started with the Bethel team, continued on with Julian’s ministry - the fruit of his journey with the Woodstock church was so evident in the lives of the young adults from that church!  I said to the Lord “that is the expression of Jesus’ life I desire to see in our youth and young adults!”


The Miracle

As soon as the team from Bethel left, my wife said to me that she believes I need to go to Bethel for the worship and youth conference in July. This was confirmation to me, because even though I couldn’t fathom how it would be possible financially, my heart leapt at the suggestion and I knew it to be right in the Spirit. During the time of Bethel’s visit and through six separate prophetic words spoken before, during and after Easter Camp, God confirmed to me that this is the direction I needed to take and who am I to be so deaf that God has to tell me 7 times?                                          So, I started investigating the possibility and after a conversation with Dave I decided to make application and see what happens. My application was rejected twice because they had overbooked the conference by 90 people. The head administrator got back to me twice to apologize to me and to encourage me to study online instead. This was not what the Lord had told me, so I rested in His wisdom but I kept on praying. After I had already settled that I wasn’t to go this year, Colleen came to visit Natalia. It was in a parting conversation that she said she had heard I had been accepted.  I immediately started e-mailing the administrator and like the persistent widow, I e-mailed every day for a week until I finally got word that I had indeed been accepted.  Hayley Braun, one of the pastors from Bethel, (the lady who preached in our church) had made a special request on my behalf -  twice - and on the strength of her recommendation I was afforded a place. Praise God!!!!

Now comes the part I need much faith for. In order for me to attend, I need to raise approximately R40k. Yes, I said R40k. This includes flights, accommodation, transport and food and conference fees for the three weeks I will be at Bethel. It also includes a Sozo. J

That brings me to my big ask. I appeal to you to please help in any way you can to make this trip a reality. I believe in my heart that this is the right season for this to happen and I know God will provide the finances. I am hoping that you will be one of the channels He uses to funnel finances to me for this trip. I do not presume to know how God will make this happen. It could be through a lot of small gifts, or it could be through one lump sum, or it could be a few people giving larger amounts.


I would like you to prayerfully consider if you are meant to be one of the people God uses to make this happen and how you will be contributing.  Please note that this is over and above your tithe. It is a seed you are sowing into my life and into the lives of the youth, young adults and congregation at Fountain. I believe that this trip will have a far- reaching effect on the life of this church. A seed sown into this trip is a seed sown into the future.


If you are willing to sow, please put your contribution into an envelope marked “Ricky Bethel Trip” and pop it in the offering basket or Auditorium Safe.  For Electronic contributions into the church account, (bank details in the church bulletin) please mark the beneficiary reference as “Ricky Bethel”.  We are asking for all contributions to be paid in by the end of June.


Yours in Jesus,

Ricky Venter







Pastoral Letter 2

Author : Dave Pedersen
Topic : Completion






Pastoral Letter 2

Author : Dave Pedersen
Topic : Cover Page




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